• Titla
  • Full Name
  • Date of birth
  • Door Number
  • Street name
  • City
  • Post Code
  • Phone Number
  • National Insurance Number
  • Type of Work
  • Have you ever registered as self employed before?
  • E-mail
  • UTR is for self employment or PAYE
  • Date you start self employment

UTR Number Information

Confused about UTR numbers, or got questions about them? Here’s everything you need to know: Including how to get a UTR number, how to register for one, how to request a new one and how to check your current one. 

You must have a UTR number if you are:

  • Self-employed
  • Filing a Self-Assessment tax return
  • A construction worker signing up for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)
  • Working with someone who manages your personal finances
  • A business owner and have set up a Limited Company
  • Owe tax on savings, capital gains or dividends
  • Earn more than £100,000 a year

If you are in a business partnership, then both of you must have UTR numbers and a separate company UTR number.

What is a UTR number?

UTR stands for ‘Unique Taxpayer Reference’. They are unique 10-digit codes, so that the government can identify who you are. HMRC uses UTR numbers to look at how much tax you’ve paid, and to see whether you are owed tax back or need to pay more. 

You will need a UTR number if you are trying to sort out a tax issue, so that HMRC can find your exact details and look at your situation. 

Most UK workers under the PAYE tax scheme do not need a UTR number. But some do. If you are employed under the PAYE system at your place at work, and you have other sources of income such as rent, then you will need to complete a Self Assessment form too. This means you will have to register for a UTR number under the law.

Here’s how you can quickly find your UTR number:

If HMRC has ever contacted you personally, the chances are high your UTR number will be mentioned somewhere. 

You should be able to see it on any payment reminders, including your:

  • Statement of account
  • Self Assessment tax return paperwork (if applicable)
  • Notice to file a tax return
  • Your SA250 “Welcome to Self Assessment” letter (if applicable)

You can also try logging onto the HMRC website, where your UTR number should also be displayed. 

If all these seems bewildering to you, simply get in touch with us and one of our experts will either find your UTR number, or help you to request a new one.

Here’s how to get a UTR number if you don’t think you have one.

You will get a UTR automatically once you sign up for the Self Assessment tax return system. You will also get a UTR number when you set up a Limited Company. But with the government being the government, it can sometimes take a few weeks for HMRC to send it out to you. 

You will need to have the following information at hand to to get your UTR number and register for Self Assessment:

  • Your name, D.O.B. and current address
  • National Insurance number
  • Email address and phone number
  • (if applicable) the name, address and nature of your business
  • Business phone number
  • The date of when your self-employment period began

You do not have to pay for your UTR number. It will be sent out to you free of charge.

Once you receive your “Welcome to Self Assessment” form, it will tell you your UTR number. And once you log-on to the HMRC website, you will be able to locate your UTR number there also. 

If you’re looking for a tax refund, then having your UTR number handy will make the whole process much smoother — and you’ll get paid faster. 

It’s best not to wait around before applying for a UTR number, as you’ll need it to file your first Self Assessment tax return.

Because it can take weeks for HMRC to get out your UTR number, it’s better to be on the safe side. Apply early, so that you’ll have it when the time comes to file your first tax return. 

If you don’t have it when the time comes to submit your tax return, HMRC could respond too slowly. If that happens and you miss the deadline (31 January) then you may have to pay a fine. 

Need to request a new UTR number? We can help you get one as soon as possible.

Simply enter your details into the form at the bottom of this page. It takes less than five minutes. Having a UTR number is handy for two reasons: if you’re on the CIS scheme, it means you’ll pay less in tax. Having a UTR number is also your ticket to getting a speedy tax rebate. 

That’s extra money in your pocket! So don’t wait around, get your UTR number now.