If you have to wear any type of specific clothing for work, then you’re almost certainly entitled to a uniform tax refund or ‘uniform benefits’. Including shoes, trousers, and anything that has a company logo on it. On average, our customers get a tax return of up to £3,000.


Millions of people go to work every day in the UK wearing some kind of uniform. What most of them don’t know is that, if you’ve ever had to clean or wash uniforms yourself, then you are entitled to some form of tax relief. Yes, you read that correctly. If you have ever washed a t-shirt with so much as a company logo on it, then you can claim uniform tax back. 

A lot of people also wear uniforms that they don’t think “counts” as a uniform. At least not in the traditional sense. For example, such as a tie that you might only wear to work. But you can still claim money back for such items. And if you’re confused about what the uniform tax allowance covers and what it doesn’t — we can help. Our experts will always aim to win you back the maximum uniform rebate you’re entitled to. Based on all the clothes you wear to work.

The government won’t just give you a tax rebate for uniforms. Even though you deserve one. They discourage uniform rebates by making it hard to know what to do. But our experts will always try to win back the maximum claim you’re entitled to.


If you meet all of the following three points, then you’re almost certainly due some kind of tax refund for uniforms:

You have to wear a special type of “work clothing” or protective clothing to go to work.

The laundry, general upkeep and replacement costs come out of your own pocket.

You are currently paying tax on your PAYE wages. Or you have paid tax on your PAYE wages in the last four years.

The rules that affect uniform benefits can differ slightly depending on the work setting and industry you are in. But if you meet the three points above, then it is very likely that you will be owed a HMRC uniform tax rebate.

It’s also important to know that you only get tax relief for
repairing, cleaning, or replacing your uniform. You don’t get an allowance for buying the uniform clothes needed for the job.


Find out how much tax you could be owed with our uniform rebate calculator. This way you can quickly estimate your work uniform tax online.


Got questions about your uniform tax rebate calculator estimates? Contact our expert team today.


We make claiming your uniform back, easy and hassle free – but don’t just take our word for it! Check out our customer reviews and find out why people choose Tommy’s Tax when claiming their refund.

Cassie Brown
Cassie Brown
09:34 03 Sep 21
Richard my agent was fantastic from start to finish. No question how big or small never went unanswered. It made the whole experience easy for me to do. I would not hesitate to recommend Tommy’s Tax.
Martin Patience
Martin Patience
17:41 27 Aug 21
After my claim was pretty much forgotten for about a month, after my initial negative review I was contacted by a very helpful gentleman who assured me this would be resolved quickly. Finally was informed payment should be with them within 48 hours. This was 17 days ago, now, no response to my messages through the app or more disappointingly to the gentleman directly. I can only assume my money has arrived with them but they are reluctant to part with it. Overall very disappointing, they only seem to respond to a negative review. Other than that forget it!
Misfitz Airsoft
Misfitz Airsoft
11:24 23 Aug 21
From start to finish was an easy process, what I found helpful was the assistance to retrieve the correct documents before sending and the guidance on exactly where and how to find them. The early pay out option is a great addition although this will cost a few £ depending on your total calculation. Overall, best out of 3 companies I've used over the years...Tommy's Tax delivers.
earlyn charles
earlyn charles
15:36 02 Aug 21
Tommy's Tax App is very easy to use. The operative looking after my refund "Becci" always willing to answer any questions. I recommend Tommy's Tax. If you have any questions, please ask. The money you get back is what you already worked for and paid too much in tax.
Michael Sanders
Michael Sanders
16:46 05 Jul 21
I have dealt with Richard two years in a row and he has been class throughout, communication via whats app is perfect. No call centres or complicated jargon. Recommend them to anyone in the trade. Easiest process ever. Cheers Guys 👌
Kane Hughes
Kane Hughes
16:40 01 Jul 21
I used Tommy’s Tax for my returns as a PAYE employee and everything was processed and paid out in good timing! Also I went as far back as 3 years ago to claim tax back, excellent service and very helpful with any questions I had along the way. All in all, brilliant company & very good at what they do!! Will be using again for next years return. Thanks guys
Nikol Jantosova
Nikol Jantosova
20:44 21 Jun 21
Tommy's tax are brilliant! They do everything for you and keep you up to date with how proceedings are going along.You get assigned your own agent who personally deals with your case. My agent in this case was Gemma who was extremely helpful and really really kind and friendly she was always on hand whenever I needed help or was asking her a question. Overall well pleased with my experience so far and will continue using Tommy's tax for the foreseeable. Can't thank you enough .
18:53 06 Jun 21
Tommy’s tax is great!! The app is simple to use, any questions and they are there on messenger straight away. Amazing customer service, very helpful and friendly staff, they go above and beyond to help. I would certainly recommend this company.
Stuart Chino
Stuart Chino
21:43 04 Jun 21
Was put into Tommy's tax by friends. Very happy with the service that is given and the app is simple to use as well. My last 2 tax returns have been dealt with by Charmaine who was very responsive to any questions I had, and kept me updated as to progress of my claims. Many thanks for the great service provided
Aaron Roberts
Aaron Roberts
09:16 24 May 21
This was my first time using Tommy's tax and I was immediately impressed. I has the pleasure of a young lady named Emily help me out. After filling the initial details she quickly went over everything in detail and helped me out with stuff I'd put it incorrectly or just forgotten to do. Fast, efficient and really helpful and professional.
greg preston
greg preston
15:05 11 May 21
I was recommended to Tommy's Tax by a friend who had used it. No headache here. Easy to use and friendly helpful staff guiding you every step. I would recommend this to anyone. In fact I already have and awaiting my commission. Thanks again Tommy's Tax.
Omar T
Omar T
14:15 30 Apr 21
After being recommended this service by a close friend of mine, I must say I was very pleased with everything overall. The app was very easy to set up and extremely user friendly. It made loading information about wage slips, p60s etc very simple. Once I had submitted all my information, the contact between myself and my account Emily, was prompt, very swift, thorough and she was extremely professional throughout. Any concerns or queries I had, she answered in a way where I could understand procedures and the process step by step which made everything effortless for me. So thank you very much your work and communications, they were very much appreciated and I have already informed two people who are now registered with Tommy’s Tax because of the great service I’ve had.
andre claude
andre claude
16:59 29 Apr 21
Absolutely fantastic could not believe how easy it was to get my money. They are by far the best company and customer service i have ever received. There were replying to messages at all hours. Fantastic
Michael Fenn
Michael Fenn
16:34 22 Apr 21
3 years worth of tax now and not had one single problem. Had Laura complete all 3 years now and again not one fault, very understanding if you’re like me and not very clued up with everything regarding your figures. Very helpful and gives very quick responses. Always feel in safe hands when Laura is handling my rebate figures. Would highly recommend 👍🏻
Sarah Ripley
Sarah Ripley
14:03 15 Apr 21
Used Tommy's Tax after a recommendation. My case was assigned to Georgia. Georgia was really patient and was able to answer all of my questions efficiently. She kept me regularly updated throughout and made the entire process really easy and straightforward. Overall I'm extremely pleased with the service.Highly recommend. 10/10.
Chris Mann
Chris Mann
16:45 09 Apr 21
Wouldn’t of known where to start with my taxes. Tommy’s tax made it so easy to upload the documents needed. And was quick and efficient. Would highly recommend this service to everyone.
Jordan Mcbride
Jordan Mcbride
09:18 09 Apr 21
Tommy's tax are brilliant! They do everything for you and keep you up to date with how proceedings are going along.You get assigned your own agent who personally deals with your case. My agent in this case was Gemma who was extremely helpful and was always on hand whenever I needed help or was asking her a question. Overall well pleased with my experience so far and will continue using Tommy's tax for the foreseeable.
Bobby Corbett
Bobby Corbett
03:07 08 Apr 21
I would give 6 stars if I could as they were absolutely perfect to work with.Got my rebate the fastest I’ve ever had it so I’m well impressed thank you
Hayley Ives
Hayley Ives
14:22 02 Mar 21
I decided to go with Tommy’s Tax because I had no idea how to do this myself. A lovely lady called Georgia was super patient with me and answered all my questions and explained what I had to do. I had no idea I was eligible to apply and have had a great financial rebate that will make a big difference in these times. Thanks Tommy Tax, Thanks Georgia
Eye Wano
Eye Wano
11:36 01 Mar 21
It was quick, easy and surprising! I didn't expect to get even half the amount of money I received! Laura, the tax assistant assigned to my file was great. Very quick to respond, helpful and very knowledgeable. Thanks Laura!
Scott Stubley
Scott Stubley
14:26 17 Feb 21
I heard about Tommy's Tax through a friend at work and they were fantastic. A tax rebate through an easy to use app is how it should have always been! Full credit to Laura who worked on my case and was on constant communication and helped with everything I needed. I already have a few friends/family in the process after seeing how easy it was for me.
Nancy Fernandes
Nancy Fernandes
20:01 12 Feb 21
My advisor Laura was very helpful. Had all my processes done hassle free. Thanks Laura. Answer to my questions handled in a appropriate way.
Craig Ripley
Craig Ripley
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Decided to use Tommy's Tax after it was recommended by a friend. My case was assigned to Georgia, who was very helpful, knew everything I needed to do, and made the whole process really easy. I now have a nice little lump sum to come in handy for Christmas! Thanks Georgia.
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I used Tommy’s Tax and Laura was assigned to me. She was efficient and professional. She was right with everything she said from start to finish. My money ended up coming even earlier than I expected. I’m more than happy to use her and Tommy’s Tax again.Thank you.
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My friend told me about Tommys Tax app at the beginning of the month. I haven't been disappointed in the slightest. I was assigned Laura to manage my personal Tax account, she's been quick, efficient and communicated through out the process. Received a text yesterday saying Money has come in and will be debited into my account within 48hours, amazing service, over the moon to receive my refund and can't thank Laura and the rest of the team at Tommys Tax.Brilliant experience.
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sanjidha baksh
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Tommy’s Tax honestly is brilliant. Very supportive and concise with instructions. The whole process took about 2 weeks. Tommy sent screenshots of the information I had to input into the app and Charmaine was always on hand answering my questions and queries. I have received my funds and it’s gone straight into my savings. Also, the great thing is £50 for referrals. I have lots of friends that I am now referring so that will be extra bits of money I can make on top of the significant amount I received for my Tax refund. Great service! Would absolutely recommend 🙂
Mark Page
Mark Page
13:48 12 Sep 20
Great service, was dubious at first but from start to finish had great help from Charmaine and others at Tommy's Tax.Highly recommended
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Here at Tommy’s Tax we strive to provide the very best experience for each and every one of our clients. During our time within the industry we’re proud to say we’ve been published in a number of top publications offering tips and advice.


The amount you can claim back depends on the line of work you are in. For example, healthcare workers can often claim back a good amount: approximately £185 a year. And because HMRC uniform tax rebate claims often stretch back over a four year period, this means that some healthcare workers can have a claim of around £740.

In other job circumstances, where cleaning and hygiene don’t have the same focus, tax relief for washing uniforms can start from around £60 a year. 

If it sounds complicated, that’s because the government doesn’t really want you to know how to get your money back. So if you have any questions about your uniform tax situation, just give us a call or a text — or send an email, and we’ll be happy to clear things up. And we can also help you to get the highest uniform washing allowance possible.

What Qualifies for a Uniform Tax Rebate in HMRC’s Eyes?

The HMRC is a bit vague about what it thinks ‘counts’ as uniform. But the advice they offer is always the same:

- Your ‘uniform’ should be protective clothing that you need to wear in order to work safely.
- Your uniform must be a specific type of clothing that you only wear to work in.

Some quick examples include construction overalls, goggles, steel-plated work shoes, gloves, hardhats, and so on. Even though many of those items — such as goggles — aren’t really “clothes” at all.

And if you have to wear clothing with your employer or contractor’s name on it, that also usually counts.

You can also claim uniform benefits if you are required to change clothes during your shift. For example, a PE teacher who has to alternate between sports clothing and regular clothing may be able to claim back HMRC uniform tax.

What DOESN’T Qualify for a Uniform Tax?

You can only claim tax back for uniform if it’s essential clothing that you need in order to do your job. You won’t get any money back if you can go to work in your ordinary clothes. And in many cases, even ‘ordinary clothing’ that you would never wear out of work may not be eligible for a uniform tax refund. For example, it might be that your workplace encourages its staff to wear a business suit. But that still might not qualify for the uniform tax refund.

The bottom line is — If HMRC thinks you could wear it outside of the workplace, then they won’t payout. After all, you could wear a suit outside of work. But even HMRC understand that most people are unlikely to casually wear their retail or construction-site garments in their free time.

There are other reasons why HMRC might not payout:
- If your employer provides free laundry facilities
- If your boss already takes care of your tax rebate uniform situation
- If there’s some other way that you could do your laundry for free

Because there is so much ambiguity around what counts as uniform and what doesn’t, there is the potential to claim uniform tax back — even if you don’t think you are entitled to a rebate.But HMRC will also eagerly punish anyone who tries to claim uniform tax if they’re not eligible.

So if you have any questions about tax rebate uniform benefits, just get in touch. Our experts will make sure you won’t get punished for claiming uniform relief if you aren’t eligible. And we won’t charge you a penny if we find out you aren’t entitled to a uniform tax rebate.


If you think you’re paying a lot more than most people do on maintaining and repairing your uniform — then, by all means, keep records or receipts when you can.

In most instances, HMRC is actually quite relaxed about the “proof” you need to have. Because it recognises that keeping receipts for laundry would be very difficult to precisely do.

After all, in order to calculate how much you spend on maintaining your uniform, you would need to work out:
- How much washing detergent you spent on only washing your uniform
- How much of your water and electricity bills were spent on uniform upkeep

And more! Because of this,
HMRC actually has pre-set flat rates to make things a lot easier.

If you’ve missed out on claiming a uniform rebate over the years, don’t worry. You can claim back for the previous FOUR years

The HMRC has a four-year window of opportunity in which people can seek to claim back a uniform laundry tax rebate. Meaning you can put a claim in — and be reimbursed —  for all those times you spent washing and looking after your uniform for the past four years! 

It gets better. Not only can you backdate claims, but you can claim for the current tax year, and even for FUTURE years. 


For example, lots of builders and mechanics own their own industry-specific tools, vehicles — such as vans — and machines. And because they tend to be very expensive to run and maintain, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to claim money back on their upkeep. 

(And if you’re working in construction, you may also be eligible for other types of tax rebates. Such as a CIS tax return and even some mileage tax relief. )


The uniform tax refund scheme only really applies to people under the PAYE tax return system. But that doesn’t rule out some other way of claiming uniform benefits. 

Most self-employed people use Self Assessment tax returns to report their income and outgoings to HMRC. You can declare all of your essential work costs there, and you may be eligible to bring your taxes down with a uniform declaration. 

It can be tricky to sort out uniform tax rebates when you’re self-employed, however. That’s why we have a special service designed to help self-employed people looking for their own version of the HMRC uniform tax. 

Our experts will be glad to look into this for you. And if you aren’t owed anything, we won’t charge you a penny! We will chase HMRC for you, for FREE.


If you work as one of the following professions, you can breathe easy. Claiming your uniform rebate should be a breeze:

• Joiners or Carpenters
Police Officers
• Plumbers
• Nurses
• Mechanics

But it should be noted that HMRC does not view all of these professions equally. And they might offer a different flat rate expense allowance depending on what job it is that you have. (For example, HMRC will likely think that a nurse will spend more on laundry than a joiner). 


Everyone working under the PAYE scheme in the UK gets a personal allowance by default. This does not normally include adjustments for uniform tax relief. But sometimes adjustments are made, which can include your uniform tax refund allowance. 

To find out, take a look at your payslips. If you have not paid anything other than the bog-standard personal allowance, your PAYE codes for each year should look like this:

• Year ending 5 April 2020 — 1250L
Year ending 5 April 2019 — 1250L
Year ending 5 April 2018 — 1150L
Year ending 5 April 2017 — 1100L

So if you see the above codes on your payslips, and if you have personally covered the costs of cleaning and looking after your uniform, tools and so on — you could be owed money.


Not your employer. Not even the HMRC, either. All you’re really doing is getting back money that you’ve earned.  That you shouldn’t really have given to HMRC in the first place. 

All that will happen if you get a uniform tax rebate is that your employer will deduct less tax from your wages. HMRC directly pays the money back to you. If your claim is successful.


Aside from uniforms and protective clothing, there are all sorts of things that you can claim tax back for. Most people don’t know this, but you can claim money back on a lot more than just uniform. Such as:





Professional Subscriptions

Travelling to Temporary Workplaces

That’s where we come in. Our experts will closely study your tax documents to find all the possible ways you could be owed money by HMRC. If you think you could be owed money by the taxman, or would just like us to check — just contact us. We will check for FREE.


Sorting out your own taxes is often time-consuming, boring and hard to do. And because lots of people don’t really know how to do it, they still end up getting underpaid by the taxman. 

Our uniform rebate experts won’t let you get short-changed. We will closely look at all of your tax details, in order to win you back the maximum uniform rebate you’re entitled to. 

Remember this is the money that you have earned and that you deserve. So if you’re looking for how to claim back uniform tax, look no further. Don’t let your hard-earned wages sit around at HMRC when it could be in your pockets.


TOMMYS TAX APP - ALL IN ONE PLACE FOR YOUR TAX REFUND Tommys Tax App is a revolutionary free app which enables you to claim a tax refund in 1 user-friendly place


If your employer makes you wear a uniform, and if you have to wash it yourself, then you should be able to claim uniform tax. You can also claim uniform tax on protective items such as goggles and hardhats, and tools if you bought them for work. 

However, lots of people could be eligible for a uniform tax return without even realising it. This is because the government isn’t super-clear in its guidelines as to what it considers ‘uniform’. Meaning you could be owed money by the taxman, even if you don’t think what you wear to work ‘counts’ as a uniform. 

In that case, it’s better to check. At Tommy’s Tax, we will check to see if you’re owed a uniform tax rebate for FREE. And it only takes minutes to provide us with the information to check. 

If you work for the NHS and have to wash your own uniform, then you should be eligible for a uniform tax rebate. For NHS workers, you can also claim money back for your shoes, and if you wear tights to work. But only if you have to wear a prescribed style or colour (such as black shoes). 

You cannot claim NHS uniform tax if your local NHS employer has laundry facilities onsite that you can use.

Ambulance staff on active service normally get the most money. But generally, anyone wearing an NHS uniform will be entitled to a good uniform rebate.

Only nurses and midwives can claim a tax rebate for shoes. They can also claim for replacing socks and underwear. No one else can claim a tax rebate for shoes, socks or underwear. 

HMRC don’t allow for tax relief on what they see as ‘everyday clothing’. Because in their eyes, you don’t strictly have to wear those clothes to work.

The tax code is 1006L. If you’ve made a successful claim for a uniform tax rebate, then you should get a new tax code. This new code should appear just before or after your claim completes. Get in touch today and we can help.