PAYE Tax Refunds and Returns
The chances are you’ve paid too much in tax through the PAYE system — on either your wages or pensions. This means the government could owe you money. Here’s how to get your money back.

Everyday, UK workers travel to and from work and spend their hard-earned money on work expenses — without even knowing it. The result is that, every year, hundreds of millions of pounds’ worth of unclaimed tax money sits around in HMRC’s pockets, completely untouched. In fact, an estimated £200 million is unclaimed every year in travel expenses alone.

An estimated 1 in 3 UK workers are eligible for a PAYE tax refund. That is YOUR money, and you are entitled to it. But claiming tax expenses on your own can be very complicated, time-consuming and boring.

That’s what we are here for. Our PAYE tax rebate experts will study your taxes carefully and professionally. We know all the tricks that HMRC discourages the average UK worker from knowing about. And we use this knowledge to claim back more entitlements than you might realise.

And if we look into your taxes and find you aren’t eligible for a PAYE tax return, then we won’t charge you a penny! Our work is squarely “no refund, no fee”.

Some of the things you can claim money back on:
Travelling to and from work
Food eaten at work
Subscriptions and memberships.

Our customers get on average a PAYE tax return of £3,000. It only takes 5 minutes. And with our “no refund, no fee” policy, we can check to see if you’re owed money for FREE.

PAYE tax rebate calculator

Find out how much PAYE tax you could be owed with our PAYE tax rebate calculator. This way you can quickly estimate your PAYE tax return online.


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What is PAYE tax?

If you work in the UK, the chances are you pay tax through the government’s Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax scheme.

When you take up employment, HMRC provides you with a tax code. Your employer then uses this code to figure out how much tax you should pay on top of the money you receive for working.

This tax money is then deducted from your pay and sent to HMRC. Most people don’t tend to think too much about their tax payments after this. But a lot of people out there — including possibly yourself — could have an improper tax code, or could be owed a PAYE tax return on your expenses.

Here’s all the paperwork you should have, if you work in the PAYE system:

The chances are as a UK worker, you are already enlisted in the Pay As You Earn system. In that case, you should receive the following documents at some point as you work:

  • p60 — You should receive a p60 from your employer at the end of every tax year. The main point of this document is to show how much you’ve earned and how much tax you’ve paid over the last tax year.

  • p45 — If you leave a PAYE job for whatever reason, your employer should give you a p45 document. They are important to keep ahold of, and are especially handy when claiming a PAYE tax refund — because they show exactly how much tax you’ve paid during part of the tax year.

  • p11D — Not everyone will have a p11D. They are normally reserved for workers with extra company “benefits” such as company cars and health cover. If you have some benefits like this, your employer should document them on a p11D.

It’s never too late to claim PAYE tax — and you can even claim the last 4 years’ worth back

Millions of UK workers are owed money by HMRC, and the chances are very high that you could be too. Our experts will carefully study your taxes and circumstances for the past 4 years, getting you the maximum-sized tax rebate possible.

What is a p800 tax refund?

Sometimes HMRC will realise on its own that it has over or undercharged you in tax. In those cases, you may get a tax refund without having to do anything. This is simply known as a HMRC p800 tax refund.

A p800 is a tax calculation form that the HMRC uses to tell if you’ve paid the right (or wrong) amount in tax. Sometimes — if you’ve underpaid — they will take action to get the extra tax money from you.

If you think you have paid too much in tax and have not received a tax refund p800, then you can write to HMRC to clear things up. We can also chase this up on your behalf. You can even claim a p800 tax rebate back from previous tax years.

p800 forms are usually sent out between June and October after the end of the tax year. Once you have your tax p800 refund form, it is very important to make sure all the information HMRC has on you is accurate, in order for them to calculate your tax correctly.

If HMRC owes you a p800 tax return, they will normally send a cheque within 60-days of the date on your p800. But you can claim your money back faster than this online, via the HMRC website.


Getting back even more money from the HMRC tax refund p800

Getting an automatic p800 tax refund sounds great and all — but HMRC may still be underpaying you. That is, they may owe you even more money that you’re entitled to. That’s because HMRC can only refund overpayments that they know about. A lot of people unnecessarily spend their own hard-earned money on work expenses, among other things — not knowing they are entitled to some of that money back.

To get all the money back that you are owed, you’ll need to carefully study your outgoings, and research what you may be able to claim back — and then submit them to HMRC manually. Or, one of our professional tax experts can do this for you, quickly and easily. A lot of the time, our experts pick up on things that our customers may have missed. Earning them back more money.


Let our experts get your PAYE return over to you, hassle-free and in no time at all

Sorting out your own PAYE tax return is often time-consuming, boring and hard to do. And because lots of people don’t really know how to do it, they still end up getting underpaid by the tax man.

Our PAYE experts won’t let you get short changed. We will closely study all of your tax details, in order to get you back the maximum claim you’re entitled to.

Remember this is the money that you have earned and that you deserve. Don’t let it sit around at HMRC when it could be in your pockets.


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Here Are Your Most Asked PAYE Tax Refunds & Returns Questions

Q1: How is your PAYE calculated?

Your PAYE tax is calculated on how much you earn and how much personal allowance you have. Your personal allowance is the amount you can earn tax-free each tax year. For the tax year period of 2020-21, personal allowance is set at £12,500. That means you can earn up to that amount before being taxed. Not everyone is eligible for personal allowance, however.

Q2: How long does tax rebate take to go into bank?

At Tommy’s Tax, our average payout time for tax refunds is 7 — 10 days. But the process can take anywhere from 5 days to 8 weeks. A number of factors all contribute to the big differences in the time it takes. Such as whether you applied online or by post, and whether HMRC will make extra security checks on your refund.

Q3: Can I claim tax back on health insurance?

Yes. If you have paid for something medical that isn’t free on the NHS, then you may be able to claim some tax relief on those expenses. You can also claim tax back on the money you pay for general health and long-term care insurance.

Q4: Why do I owe tax when I am PAYE?

If you find you haven’t been paying enough tax — and actually owe the taxman money, then usually this is the fault of your employer. In a lot of cases, they may have mistakenly or accidentally used a different (wrong) tax code to the one given to them by HMRC.